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Epigenetic Test

Epigenetic Test

Modern life has many effects that can affect your body’s basic health. These include foods, eating and eating. These are commonly referred to as epigenetics, with many environmental influences found in our homes and workplaces.

Today, scientists have discovered that our genes are largely affected by the environment, and this effect can go up to 98% in some cases. These dazzling discoveries can lead you to a completely different path that is not controlled by your genetic inheritance and where you can make your own destiny.

Also, your personal epigenetic indicators can be mapped for you with just 4 hairs.

Your hair is a marvellous biomarker that carries a lot of personal information at the quantum epigenetic level, and this information is almost never lost. Samples taken from your hair are processed digitally and sent to our technology centre in Hamburg, Germany, with a secure internet connection. Meanwhile, our highly powerful computer system maps the relevance of your epigenetic information.

More than 800 health indicators are mapped and used to create a comprehensive report and charts and tables that will shape the 90-day plan.

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